Here are the services offered by André Rodrigue painter/decorator inc.,
specialists in working with floors.


The Floor Division of André Rodrigue Painter/Decorator works with concrete in many ways. We repair existing concrete in industrial, commercial, institutional, or residential contexts for all your projects. We value the raw material that concrete is, preserving its natural qualities; so the results are much more interesting and durable. We can colour and polish your natural concrete surfaces to give them richness.

We can colour and polish your natural concrete surfaces to give them richness. Contact us so we can help you find the finish that best suits your needs!


Its benefits are many. The result is extremely strong and durable. Polishing is economical and environmentally friendly, as it avoids the use of additional flooring and chemicals.

Moreover, concrete is an excellent heat conductor. Its coolness in summer and its ability to store heat in winter make it a comfortable and economical choice.

Surface vitrification by diamond polishing highly reflects natural light, illuminating spaces by at least 30%! No need of wax or other coatings to maintain its lustre. Its maintenance is cheap, easy, and pleasant because it can be done so quickly. And, as we all know, time is money!

Its anti-dust finish has a long life. Maintaining it is easy with a little water and neutral pH soap. Also, its surface does not retain the moisture responsible for mould, which yields a healthier environment!

The maintenance of a building reflects the reputation of your company, and the expertise of our Floor Division is keen to make it shine!


La renommée de André Rodrigue Division’s reputation as an environmentally friendly company is reinforced by its unique concrete polishing system, which is 50 times more energy efficient than traditional methods. Moreover, this method of polishing concrete reduces water use by 90%. Always thinking about the environment is our business! Enjoy polished floors with an unlimited lifespan!

Our Floor Division started in 2005 at our Laval plant, with an investment of nearly $500,000. Our equipment is cutting-edge technology, with electronic settings that control the quality of polishing. This robotization, unlike standard equipment, brings a superior and revolutionary quality to the work done.

Our concrete polishing system can produce a matte, satiny, glossy, or ultra-glossy surface according to your preferences. You can be sure that after our work, your concrete floor will have a sustainable state, with the elimination of 99% dust. It will create 60% more brightness in your living, play, work, or leisure areas.

Our floor crews receive ongoing training. In this business, it is important to understand the reaction of concrete. Today, with new technologies, we follow the evolution of building materials in the field of flooring every day. At André Rodrigue Floor Division,, we have always followed this evolution, and we are proud to be able to stand out in this growing field.

For the past 16 years, our expertise has created a number of satisfied clients, and this motivates us to go even further. Thank you to all our customers for your trust!

We are looking forward to being part of your sustainable investment!